Water quality

Treatment efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant is much better than expected, despite strict statutory provision. Moreover the wastewater treatment plant discharges cleaner water to the Wulka, as the Wulka itself has.

Regarding the qualitative point of view, discharged water actually fits drinking water standards of the European Union (chemical, physical parameters).

Since operation of the plant a distinct reduction in nutrient load of Wulka and Neusiedler See is achieved. This is an important step in easing the sensible ecosystem Neusiedler See.

Besides, discharged water quality is much better in comparison to national and international standards.

Official required values

Final effluent (mg/l) Efficiency factor (%)
Total phosphorus 0,5  
Total nitrogen   85
Ammonium nitrogen 0,5  
Nitrite nitrogen 0,5  
COD, chemical oxygen demand 50,0 90
BOD5, biochemical oxygen demand 10,0 95
TOC, total organic carbon 15,0 90