Technical data

Wastewater treatment plant

  • Total number of population equivalents: 66.500
  • Wastewater inflow with dry weather: 833 m³/h
  • Wastewater inflow with rainfall: 1.700 m³/h
  • Volume aeration tank: 16.400 m³
  • Volume secondary treatment tank: 6.800 m³
  • Conception of the system: conventional plant with extended aeration for elimination of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus

Transporting main

  • Length: 35 km
  • Material: HDPE 100
  • System conception: pressure main

Pumping stations

  • Number: 10 (one per commune, one more in the industrial area Donnerskirchen)
  • System conception: sawtooth

Stormwater tanks

  • Number: 9
  • Function: intermediate storage of large combined wastewater amounts at rainfall, controlled discharge to the pumping station and further to the wastewater treatment plant after rainfall has ceased.