The association

Project and implementation

Based on economic- technical studies dating back to 1994 the association was founded in October 1996. Two years later in October 1998, construction work started after officially cutting the first sod.

After a very short building period for the wastewater treatment plant, pipeline (35 km), ten pumping stations as well as modification of the existing community wastewater plants, test run started in May 2000.

Rigorous cost savings made it possible to reduce the investment costs finally to € 22,5 million, which signifies a reduction of € 5,1 million. However it is the largest environmental project of Burgenland in the period of EU subsidies.


Member communities

Reinhaltungsverband Region Neusiedler See- Westufer consists of nine member communities marked on the map. All of them are located in Burgenland, in the political district Eisenstadt-surroundings and Neusiedl/See.

Donnerskirchen acceded the eight founder communities in March 1999 and is regarded as ninth member community. Moreover, it completed the economically optimal solution for the region.